FM250 Vampire is a modern two-seat plane that is of high quality, safe and reliable due to its precision design. It offers the crew comfort and elegant design that is hand in hand with its excellent flight properties and easy controllability. Due to its excellent properties and performances, it is an ideal choice for tourist and recreational flights, pilot training and also towing gliders with a weight of up to 750 kg.



The oval cross section of the fuselage of the sandwich composite structure achieves a favourable relation between the strength and weight and aerodynamic resistance of the plane. The wing has a trapezoid shape and a shell structure with main and auxiliary beams with carbon flanges. The main beams are connected to the central parts of the fuselage and connected with pins. The wing is equipped with a swing out flap. The tail part has a classic arrangement with the horizontal tail area on the fuselage axis. Its high flying range, up to 1,200 km, is ensured by the integral fuel tanks placed in the wings, which can contain up to 100 L petrol.


The fixed three-wheel gear of the nose structure is equipped with hydraulic disc brakes on the main wheels. They are controlled by the lever on the central panel, which is also used as a parking brake. The main gear foots are composite and the front wheel is controlled and spring-loaded. The wheels can be equipped with aerodynamic covers at request.


The guarantee of excellent dynamic and flying properties is a high-quality Rotax 912 UL 80 HP engine. Due to the low weight of Vampire the engine is very brisk and due to the standard DUC propeller it will guarantee a short take-off run when taking off and at a high travel speed at the same time. The optional equipment may include the Rotax 912 ULS 100 HP engine of higher performance.


The panoramic glazing of the cockpit, which is available transparent or lightly coloured, with an almost 360° view right, left and centre, gives you a perfect view in all flight phases. The cockpit is opened forwards, against the flying direction, and is locked using a gas prop in its open position.

Interior and comfort

The new ergonomic interior has been designed with maximum comfort and gives a sufficient room for your head and shoulders, also for big pilots. All controls, instruments and switches are well positioned in the visual field of the pilot and easy to access from the seats at the same time. Comfortable sitting is ensured by perfectly shaped seats, which are pleasant also for long flights; during them the crew will appreciate ventilation and the possibility of heating. In the rear part of the cockpit there is a sufficiently big hold.


Avionics can be selected from basic instruments up to the fully digital Dynon Avionics glass cockpit. On the central panel of the dashboard there is a room for the installation of a Garmin GPS and a radio with a transponder.



The FM250 Vampire can be equipped with a ballistic rescue parachute system placed behind the crew seats. The system controller is placed in the visual field of the pilot on the dashboard. The four-point belts along with the plane fuselage structure in the area for the crew, which creates a deformation zone, contribute to passive safety.


Aero elastic test

The FM250 Vampire has passed a complete aero elastic test, where a complete resonance ground test and the flutter test calculation were carried out within the certificate. The FM250 Vampire passed the test without any problem.


Towing gliders

Currently, when emphasis is laid especially on reducing loads during usual flying, towing gliders using ultra-light planes is on the increase. We have wide experience with towing using the FM250 Vampire, both using the standard three-blade propeller adjustable on the ground and the propellers adjustable in flight. The FM250 Vampire tows up to 750 kg of the glider weight. .