We realized many e-shops with composite materials do not offer larger size of carbon sheets or specific sandwich material – combination of plywood and fabric, which we actually use to produce ribs. We have such a kind of materials or semi-products in our production for our own needs, this way any of your demands are welcomed. We can provide sheets made from glass, carbon, carbon-aramid fabrics and their combinations upon request, final dimensions and thickness are practically unlimited. We can produce customized materials or machine them as well to obtain final shapes based on drawings documentation. So you can significantly reduce production time and be just focused on the best outcome. Have a look at some of our references from production of carbon sheets and precise parts for the construction of drones. Do you have any demands, any ideas about what kind of material or semi-product could be useful for you? Do not hesitate to contact us.

REFERENCE: MULTI-ROBOT SYSTEMS, Czech Technical univerzity in Prague, Mr. Pavel Petráček - project of dron from carbon sheet material


COMPOSITE MATERIALS - Production Samples

Composite material  Composite material