Covertan111CARBON DESIGN presents an innovative solution for floors in aircraft hangars and service workshops. We offer Covertan - an easy and sophisticated covering system with high-quality insulation that has a wide range of applications. It is a system of compact panels with the dimensions 1,760 x 1,170 x 38 mm that consists of two layers made of thermoplastic materials that are jointly connected (by screws) and detachable. The upper plate has a special anti-skid pattern and abrasion-resistant layer with a high mechanical and chemical resistance. The lower plate has thermal-insulating features. The puzzle lock system ensures that the boards are strongly connected to create a compact surface. It can be used for entire floors or just a part (no dimensions limitations) - the boards on the edge of the area can be trimmed to fit into a specified place.

The installation of the COVERTAN system requires no jigs or tools. It can be easily assembled/disassembled/reused whenever needed. This represents a cost effective solution with perfect features at the same time. Thanks to the materials used and the structural design with no movable parts, excellent compression strength is ensured. It has a low weight and fire load, an increased thermal-insulation capability, highly abrasion resistance and it is easy to clean and maintain (cleaning and washing machines for industrial floors can be used as well). Covertan can be customized by colour or pattern for final-tuning.

Covertan can be used on any surface (parquet flooring, pavements, concrete, earth, ice etc.)

Common Characteristics

Dimensions of plate (maximum 1,760 x 1,170 x 38 mm
Area 2,0222 m2
Weight of plate

12,5 kg

Number of plates on area of 1,800 m² cca 900 ks
Load capacity

0,25 MPa

(example: the load capacity of a pedestal leg with a 105 mm diameter is 220 kg, the load capacity of a 200 x 200 mm pedestal leg is 1,019 kg)

Heat conductivity coefficient

0.044 W/mK
Heat transmission resistance 0,916 m2K/W

Classification according to reaction to fire pursuant to article 11.3 of the ČSN EN 13501-1 2002 standard: Efl

Incidental fire load pn 15 kg/ m2


A4 Catalogue version 2017

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