CARBON DESIGN s.r.o. is company with many years of experience in design and production of ultralight aircrafts. We are specialising in production of ultralight aircrafts and trikes. Our offices are located in the Czech Republic, however our products have already found customers in many countries all around the world.

Technical knowledge and skills of our professional team ensure development and thought-out concept of products. We pay attention to compliance of strict standards weight requirements for the ultralight category. Our designers create light and extra strong machines. We achieve safe and reliable operation by high quality processing of product, using the newest materials and production principles. We prefer elegant and functional design, which offers comfort and convenience also for long flights.

Flexible using of our aircrafts offers not only cross country flying, but also pilot training competition flying or towing gliders up to weight 750 kg. We also focus on price affordability of our product to contribute to the development of sport aviation, where we are also actively involved.

Our goal is to develop activities and potential of our company to bring necessary equipment for all those who would like to fulfil their dream about flying.

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FM 250

We developed innovative model of FM250 Vampire, which is also excellent machine for towing gliders up to 750 kg. For crew offers comfortable, elegant design that is hand in hand with excellent flight characteristics and easy operation.


FM 301

All composite trike with tandem seats has flexible using for cross country flying, training, as well as competition flying. The construction was designed by excellent instructors and top pilots of UL national teams from the Czech Republic and France.